> EC Declararion of Conformity

EC Declaration of Conformity


  • Eicos Sensores SL
  • Avenida de la Fuente Nueva, 12A
  • San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
  • Spain

declare under our whole responsability that the product,

Flow Switches and Level Switches for liquids

manufactured by,

  • Eicos Sensores Ltda.
  • Rua José de Oliveira, 67 Jardim do Sol
  • Sorocaba, SP
  • Brazil

to which this declaration relates, is in conformity with the provisions of the European Community Directives, evaluated according to the standards documents, listed below:

IEC 60947-1 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear
IEC 60947-5-1 Control circuit devices and switching elements - Electromechanical control circuit devices

Assumption of conformity is based on the application of the harmonized standards.

July, 10, 2023 date of issue

René Santana Asensio director

EC Declaration of Conformity